A Hater Synthesis 1 + 2 (2-in-1) Package

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A Hater’s Synthesis 1 is a book that shows the worldview of a person fed up with fake positive thinking and social media likes.

It’s spread into three parts.

The first part focuses on the muscle game and follows the typical journey of a man trying to make sense of life through an obsessive construction of thicker muscle fibers.

The second part expands the analysis outside of the muscle world and presents the overall labyrinth we have been placed in.

The third part presents the solutions I have found so far. It’s the shortest part, but probably the most important one. I plan on expanding this section of the book as life goes on.

A Hater's Synthesis II: No More Dreams focuses heavily on the dating world from the male point of view as well as on the effect of the Internet on the psyche and our self-assessment.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: They Still Want You

Chapter 2: The Creation of Your Habits

Chapter 3: The Myth Called Change

Chapter 4: Work or Slavery?

Chapter 5: Technological Addiction, Control, Social Media

Chapter 6: Sex – The Puppet Master

Chapter 7: Selective Breeding and Restructuring of Society through Manipulation of the Female Mind

Chapter 8: What has “niceness” ever gotten you?

Chapter 9: On Police Movies, Force and Violence

Chapter 10: The Scam Known as Dating

Chapter 11: The Dangers of Dropping Out of Society as a Male

Chapter 12: Texting - A Man’s Nightmare

Chapter 13: Exposing the Online Alpha Blueprint

Chapter 14: The Detrimental Effect of the Internet on The Human Condition

Chapter 15: The Truth About Approaching Women

Chapter 16: Why I Had to Become a Sociopath

Chapter 17: The Internet Theoreticians

Chapter 18: Is MGTOW the Solution?

Chapter 19: Detox Yourself of Internet Opinions

Chapter: 20 Understanding the Black Pill

Chapter 21: Regain Your Attention Span

Chapter 22: No More Dreams

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$19.50 $11.99

A Hater Synthesis 1 + 2 (2-in-1) Package

0 ratings
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