A Hater's Synthesis II: No more dreams

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A Hater's Synthesis II: No More Dreams focuses heavily on the dating world from the male point of view as well as on the effect of the Internet on the psyche and our self-assessment.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: They still want you

Chapter 2: The Creation of Your Habits

Chapter 3: The Myth Called Change

Chapter 4: Work or Slavery?

Chapter 5: Technological Addiction, Control, Social Media

Chapter 6: Sex – The Puppet Master

Chapter 7: Selective Breeding and Restructuring of Society through Manipulation of the Female Mind

Chapter 8: What has “niceness” ever gotten you?

Chapter 9: On Police Movies, Force and Violence

Chapter 10: The Scam Known as Dating

Chapter 11: The Dangers of Dropping Out of Society as a Male

Chapter 12: Texting - A Man’s Nightmare

Chapter 13: Exposing the Online Alpha Blueprint

Chapter 14: The Detrimental Effect of the Internet on The Human Condition

Chapter 15: The Truth About Approaching Women

Chapter 16: Why I Had to Become a Sociopath

Chapter 17: The Internet Theoreticians

Chapter 18: Is MGTOW the Solution?

Chapter 19: Detox Yourself of Internet Opinions

Chapter: 20 Understanding the Black Pill

Chapter 21: Regain Your Attention Span

Chapter 22: No More Dreams

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A Hater's Synthesis II: No more dreams

3 ratings
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