ARMS - Maximization (+ The 30-Day Cure for a Hunched Back + TREN: The Tale Of Riki Violino)

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Hello, Dear Readers of has a new mini-book:

Arms Maximization

(Building the Largest Arms That You Can, Naturally) 

This mini-book is dedicated to maximizing biceps and triceps size naturally. It contains a specialization schema that will boost your arm growth maximally.

It worked for me.

And if it works for me, it should work on virtually any brah struggling to boost his arm size.

Excerpt (the intro)

— Why You Need Bigger Arms —

Here are some hard-hitting gangsta truths that you already know but need to hear again:

  • If you don’t have a big upper body as a male, you will never look like you lift.
  • Big quads, glutes, and hamstrings are nice, but ultimately no one cares how your legs look as long as they are not comically small. And if you train them even just once a week and eat sufficiently, they can’t be that small.
  • Hate it or love it, the arms, and before all the b-i-c-e-p-s, are the king of upper body muscles when it comes to impression. You can have the biggest chest on the planet, but if it connects to sticks no one cares.
  • If your arms aren’t growing from compound lifts, you are a torso lifter and need to focus on them directly. Chin-ups for biceps and bench presses for triceps is a concept that works only if you have good arm genetics.
  • The rest of the musculature will have to take a back seat.

So, why do you need bigger arms? 

Bigger arms have the following advantages:

  • You look like you lift and appear more competent. If you are a personal trainer with 12.8-inch arms, no one cares about your PhD in protein synthesis.
  • You gain an instant “alpha” status among lifters of your rank. Let’s face it. You can’t impress a roided fella who has 19-inch arms with your 15-inch guns. But you can certainly look impressive in the eyes of the public and other naturals.
  • Bigger arm muscles stabilize the elbow joint and greatly reduce the chance of injury in daily activities (e.g., hammering a nail, slapping a fella who makes a move for your wallet..etc.).
  • Bigger and stronger arm muscles will improve every single upper body lift that you will ever do.

Don’t lie, brother!

We already know that you want big arms.

We already know that you want others to look at you and know that you lift.

So, there is no need to lie. It’s pointless.

You don’t want to do low bar squats and other Starting Strength/5×5 voodoo.

You want the A-R-M-S.

So, be real with you and go get them.

I want this!
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ARMS - Maximization (+ The 30-Day Cure for a Hunched Back + TREN: The Tale Of Riki Violino)

0 ratings
I want this!